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we_will_help's Journal

Tell Us Your Problem, We Will Help
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Please post a situation bothering you, and we will all pray to make it better.
Some scientists and spiritualists say that the more people that cumulatively focus on a subject, the stronger the energy of that subject.

The idea of this community is thus:

Step one: You post your problem, your issue, your dilemma, your question, whatever, something you know we can't fix for you, but we can all pray about.

Step Two: All the people of the community who see it will then say a prayer for you, or meditate for you, or focus for a happy resolution. As a guideline, I would prefer everyone simply focus on there being a happy resolution to the problem, or focus on the person gettin what they desire as opposed to focusing that they get something else specific that you think they need. The reason for this is that everybody has a different idea of what a person needs, so ideally we would all just focus on that person being happy with their particular situation.

Step Three: If you would like, comments offering advice in a supportive manner are encouraged, just to let the person know someone has indeed read it, or to help the person with an obvious oversight that could help them with their trouble. Or just a comment with sympathy and well wishing, that always makes people feel good.

Step Four: If the situation is resolved, the person who had the problem is asked to post what happened to let us all know that we helped out. It's gratifying for everyone.

I hesitate to include this next part because I really want this to be obvious, but here they are...


  1. The idea of this community is to make people feel good. That is the bottom line, so if you even have the slightest inkling that what you are about to type is going to hurt someone's feelings, DO NOT SAY IT. I won't kick you out for your first offence, but if you constantly come off as preachy, or if you blatantly insult someone, or if you just seem like a dick to any person in particular in this community, I may be pressured by my community friends to relieve you of your status.
  2. Clearly we don't all agree, and this isn't really a place to voice your opinion, it's just a place where we pray or meditate or focus for one another, however I do not bar you completely from voicing your opinion. Just... you know, don't say it if you know someone is going to argue with you. The rule of thumb here is, if it is not helpful, or will not help the person you are giving your comment to, just leave it off.

--February 19th, addition of SISTER COMMUNITY--

girladvice2 has graciously offered to become our sister community! They are a wonderful community about, for, and concerning girls. Cool thing is, you don't have to be a girl to ask questions. A guy who needs girl advice? Join up! Or offer advice yourself to those who you can help. That's what we're about, right? I am a member, and I suggest you join, they are some very supportive people.